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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning in Wilmington NC
Our highly trained professionals will clean and sanitize your entire duct system and rid it of all indoor contaminants so you can breathe easier with cleaner, purer air.

Antimicrobial Microfog (ULV)

Sanitization in Wilmington NC for your:
Mattress, A/C Ducts, Attic, Carpet, and Furniture
Only Microban offers simultaneous protection against germs, bacteria, fungi, mold & mildew.  It has been rigidly tested under government recommended procedures by internationally renowned testing laboratories, universities, and hospitals.  Sano Steam is equipped to offer EPA Approved ULV microfogging to ensure thorough distribution throughout the application area.

Smoke Damage

Smoke Cleanup & Deodorizing in Wilmington NC
Smoke odor and damage can result from something as extreme and directly damaging as a fire in your home or business or something less directly harmful like cigarette or cigar smoke.  Sano Steam can provide professional cleaning and implement the procedures necessary to return your home to normal.  Sometimes all that is needed is a thorough carpet cleaning.  Other times carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, surface cleaning, duct cleaning, and ozone generation need to be performed.  The extent we go to is up to you.
(910) 350-0000