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Odor Control

Odor Control in Wilmington NC 
Finding the source is the key to controlling or eliminating odor.  Whether it's a dead bird in your chimney or dead mouse in your wall, we have seen it all.  The source must be located and removed.  Then we use a commercial grade ozone generator that allows ozone to attach to and break down the remaining odor molecules in the air and on affected surfaces.  Sano Steam also treat using the ultra lo volume Fog to reach beyond the service and mitigate the source

Remove the source

Pet Odor, Cat Smell, Wet Dog, Skunk Mitigation or Urine Odor
Our exclusive enzymatic pre-spray breaks down the organic molecules formed from pet oils and urine.  The Micro-Encapsulation Process seals odor sources, deters urine and fecal deposits, and attacks odors at the source!  A completely free estimate in Wilmington NC to reseal your sub-floor, for using an ozone generator to remove odor, and for floor replacement is available.


Crawlspace Moisture Control in Wilmington NC
The necessary relative humidity level is determined by the coldest surface area in the structure.  In Northern climates the foundation can be considered the coldest surface during humid periods because the ground temperature remains approximately 52 degrees Fahrenheit.  In the South, portions of the air conditioning duct work probably represent the coldest points.  The air in the structure must be dehumidified to a dew point (saturation temperature) lower than these coldest spots. Dehumidifiers remove humidity from the air.  Since moisture is one of the critical requirements for mold growth and can be controlled, it is a logical strategy to dry the affected structure and the air within it to help reduce or eliminate mold growth.  In order to be effective, the humidity levels in the structure must be aggressively lowered and maintained.