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Water Extraction in Wilmington NC
Call Sano Steam at 350-0000 and the ASCR Certified technician on call will respond to extract water and set up your drying strategy.  We will bill your insurance provider directly.  Quick-Drying will stop ongoing damage and prevent heavy restoration.  Remember Emergency Water Extraction 24/7, NO OVERTIME FEE.

Things you should know

Here are some things you should know in case you encounter Emergency Water Damage, Fire/Smoke Damage, or any other kind of Property Damage/Loss that is going to require restoration.  Even though such losses are rarely, if ever, encountered by most individual policy holders, they unfortunately do occur and it pays to know something about what is going on.  Emergency Water Damage is the most common.

Most restoration contractors and most insurance companies follow the same industry standards (IICRC S500) for determining the scope of work required as well as for determing allowable charges for that work.  This standardization helps avoid complications and confusion regardless of the number of parties that are involved.  It especially helps when, as in many cases, the restoration company has to start emergency mitigation after normal business hours and/or before a claim has been filed and almost always before an adjuster arrives on the scene.  Sano Steam's policy is to begin emergency mitigation, set up a drying strategy, estimate the loss, and then to allow the insurance company to assess the damage while drying is taking place before beginning restoration work.  Sano Steam is committed to working with homeowners and helping them understand this process that they will probably only experience once in their lifetime.  The IICRC S500 Standards sometimes require removal of damaged materials in order to stop ongoing damage and to reduce the amount of loss.  Also, proper dehumidification can mitigate mold/mildew growth and stop it from destroying more of your property and from threatening your health.  Sano Steam's drying procedures can accomplish these goals for you and could reduce necessary restoration by up to 80% in some cases.  No payment is required initially--by signing our authorization form you allow us to bill your insurance company directly for the entire job--emergency call through complete restoration--start to finish.  You will be regularly updated with information regarding the estimated time required and status of your job (even by email, if you choose).  Sano Steam will provide you with a written guarantee of all work upon completion.  And now we have the easiest 24/7 phone number to remember in town:  910-350-0000.

Sewer Backup

Sewer Backup in Wilmington NC
There seems to be some confusion as to what steps to take when restoring areas flooded by sewage backups.  Many of us are treating these areas the same as floods consisting of uncontaminated water.  This is a mistake.  There are too many health issues involved to follow this type of procedure.  First, we must understand that a water loss can be classified as a sewage flood from something other than just a sewer backup.  A natural disaster flood can be classified as a sewage flood from something other than just a sewer backup.  A natural disaster flood can be classified as sewage if it is spread over a wide area and sewage treatment plants overflow into rivers and streams.  Areas flooded by uncontaminated water that is left untreated for an extended period of time should also be treated as a sewage flood since mildew and other fungi can be present are such health concerns.